Talking of my goals, i always wanted to pursue with clarity about career prospects of my life.This just start experience is going catchier for me as i never had taken such initiative before in my life. The goal on which i have started working upon is stated below.

My goal is to overcome my laziness by effective learning process and to work hard. I always go for shortcuts instead of hard work and effort which makes me a lazy and tired person but I will overcome this by putting all my efforts in my project works, assignments and tasks which will be assign to me. I have internship from next semester and I will make sure to do proper research about future prospects and work effectively.

Whenever i started something or some task relevant to my studies or even my interests, i just ends up provocatively. To overcome this dilemma, i started working on this goal. A lot of difficulties came in way of pursuing like i felt exhausted while working, my confidence shatters and i was about to fell apart my strengths but then i realize how important this would be for me and this build up my morale.

Here are some tasks that i am working upon to achieve my goal.

I have to come out of my comfort zone and give proper time to every assigned task and do it before time.

Go through online courses and assessments which makes me busy and increase my learning abilities.

Try new, creative things while there is nothing to do and explore lifestyle and lessons of great inspiring personalities.

Well it was great experience working on these tips as i scheduled my work routine according to tasks and started working on them. I also started searching out courses that are relevant to my field of study as well as personal growth. I am still working on this and hope to get fruitful results ahead. I plan to take part in every seminar and collaborations after this pandemic is over and university reopens.